What Movie Now?

Finally, I was able to secure a low cost hosting for trying skills form book out.

After tons of inconveniences, I’ve launched whatmovienow.com. This is a work in progress and I will try to add features based on collective intelligence book as best I can. The site mostly employs the ranking algorithms form book. It does not re-evaluates movies based on ranking from site visitors as that would take too many resources. Updates should be a lot quicker now that the hard work is done :).

Getting site off the ground has taken more time that I had intended.

First, I had to change from mySQL to MSSQL. I was going to use Dreamhost for hosting mySQL database but performance was very irregular and sluggish.

Second, I originally wrote website in Coldfusion, using the Model-Glue framework. This worked fine on my local computer, however, hosting provider had some restrictions which further delayed deployment. I ended up with two sligthly different versions of site one for dev locally and one for live :(. I intend to configure local computer to better reflect production server.

How apologetic… the only thing that matters is that site is out and I can resume writing blog.

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