PCI – Chapter Four – Adding to the Index and SQLite

Post of confusion. My python script does not read the files ‘into’ SQLite database.

I had to install SQLite3 (Mac came with a 2.x version) in order to install pysqlite-2.4.2. Maybe pysqlite is using older SQLite version on computer… I am following the book to the tee. Not trying any fancy Coldfusion nor SQL.

Everything seems to be installed properly. When ‘searchengine.py’ runs from terminal; it reports that it could open any of the files in my directory. I tried feeding it all sorts of files to no avail. Very frustrating…

On the other hand, I am having a blast playing with SQLite. By the way, SQLite is the coolest thing I’ve fiddled with today. This is very powerful and convenient.

FYI – SQLite is a ‘db in a file’. It’s very convenient for development and there is much fanfare from people using it on production systems as well. Seems to come embeded in everything from Mail.app (yes it is!) to cel phones and all sorts of electronice devices.

For lots of cool information on this, you can go to Leo Laporte’s FLOSS Weekly (lately it is 😉 episode 26 podcast. Also, (this is where I fist saw SQLite) Google video has this great overview of SQLite, thou a little dated.

Lastly – Searching on Google Video for ‘genre:educational _stuff_‘ usually returns the most informative videos on topics of interest.

Next on PCI TODO: index my movie files using Python!

One thought on “PCI – Chapter Four – Adding to the Index and SQLite

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