OLPC – Disabling ‘hot corner’ behavior…

One little annoyance to me is that the OLPC comes with an ‘always on’ mode for all corners of the desktop. Mousing to an edge automatically brings up an outer frame where one can manage olpc. The uppermost-right keyboard key does the same thing and it is more convenient an not intrusive.

The behaviour is a bit like an Expose Active Screen Corners (on Macs) that cannot be configured. This is a bit annoying because the screen is rather small and it does not take much to activate outer frame.

Luckily, another quick search in the OLPC Forums and it turns out that these can be disabled without too much trouble.

In terminal, go into ‘su’ and navigate to the following directory:

And edit (I’m using nano, just like pico) eventarea.py commenting out lines 56 and 57 to look like this:

# invisible.connect('enter-notify-event', self._enter_notify_cb)
# invisible.connect('leave-notify-event', self._leave_notify_cb)

Changes require a restart to take effect. After the OLPC boots up, voila, no more hot corners. This is awesome. Now I just use the keyboard key to bring the frame only when I want to and not by mistake.


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