OLPC – Reading Books Grayscale Mode

Reading on the OLPC is delightful. The battery seems to last a long time and, unlike the Sony Reader, can be done in complete darkness. I am making the screen as dark as possible, just one click before the blacklight turns off.
Still, it feels a bit like one is reading in a very old laptop tft screen. Doing a quick search on the OLPC Forums aturned out the following. In terminal activity, first login in as ‘su’ (no password is necessary) and type the following:

echo 1 > /sys/devices/platform/dcon/output

The one liner above makes the screen grayscale WITH the backlight on. I think that text looks much better with lights off in this mode. I am trying this tonight for reading and it looks way nicer than ‘dim color mode’ for text.

Finally, adjusting brightness up or down reverts screen to normal. Neat!


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