PCI – Searching and Ranking – PySQLite tests fail on Mac

Hoping to find an error in my script, I going over my steps for chapter four of the book Programming Collective Intelligence. So far, my code looks good as far as I can tell (I’m no expert).

Also, I tested all dependencies for this chapter, mainly the installation of BeautifulSoup, an updates version of SQLite and pysqlite.

BeautifulSoup’s and SQLite’s installations completed successfully (again). PySQLite also installed fine, however, testing installation with an included script fails on my computer. I did not run this test the first time, need to be more thorough. It seems there is a defect in test script for Mac.

If you’re running pySqlite-2.4.2 on a Mac, you can find more information here. This is not the cause of my previous errors, however, since my script cannot open the files to index them.

More later…

2 thoughts on “PCI – Searching and Ranking – PySQLite tests fail on Mac

  1. No, it’s not just you – I’ve downloaded the source code itself and can’t determine the problem at chapter 4…

    Mine hangs complaining that it cannot parse the pages..

  2. Ian,

    Thank for the reassurance; misery loves company!

    I am gathering some strength to pick up this book again and follow through with code… I should revisit soon enough; the book material is fascinating.

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