OLPC – What Power Management?

According to OLPC WIKI, power management on OLPC is a work in progress. Lots of things ‘seem’ to be a work in progress in OLPC.

Using the OLPC does use very little power, however, when I close it, it does not go to sleep (suspend) as I would have assumed. I think this is a defect since this project is so consiensious on power saving.

Maybe the WIKI states how things ‘ought’ to work instead of how they work at the moment. Looking at the ticket system for power related issues paints a different picture. Indeed, there are plenty of issues being worked on that are related to power in the OLPC.

I’m hoping for the best, most likely, I am doing something wrong and draining the battery by my own doing… I did get this OLPC on EBAY, perhaps previous owner didn’t condition battery properly? I doubt this is the issue because of all those tickets on power… I hope an update alleviates this any day now.


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