Adobe Flex Coding Conventions

One of the most insightful documents that Macromedia put out back in the day was a web page of Coldfusion Coding Conventions. I think these where authored by Sean Corfield; some minor googling would tell the story.

It provided sensible guidelines for developers to follow if only to make code easier to understand and share in a team environment. At the time, I remember that the place I used to work for used this document as most of their coding standards… even if no one liked capitalizing every variable which I think document stated lol.

In my opinion, great effort should be put to make code human-readable (comments, specially funny comments, are NEVER redundant) and these documents help a development team play nice together…

I just found out about Flex Coding Conventions and think its great. Unlike Coldfusion’s Coding Conventions document, which I think never got a single update, this one is a work in progress. I hope they continue to revise and add to it.

I am sure I am not going to agree on everything stated in document but that is irrelevant.

Going back to making code better (human-readable), the case for following a document like this is awesome. This is a great resource and I’ll be sure to come back to it next time I go over my flex code yay! Thanks Adobe.


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