FlexibleRails – hosting a rails application

Never before have I hosted a rails application on a production environment. Never have I thought about this until now.

Having recently finished chapter four of FlexibleRails, Expanding the Flex UI from Flexible Rails, it dawned on me that people are always complaining about deploying rails applications.

I have had a Dreamhost account for the longest time. I opened it for another-now-defunct-project and seldom play with it anymore… I read their wiki, which is great, and it seems moving over the Pomodo application from the book will be simple as can be.

Following their instructions, we have Pomodo, my first flexible rails hosted application.

Ok, ok, so it does not do anything right now; I haven’t done anything else but read thru Dreamhost wiki and followed directions. I expect to update this hosted version of ever so often. Very cool indeed!

Nice observation; application runs faster on Dreamhost than on my local computer. A few things come to mind; application is running in production mode AND it is not using WEBrick. Awesome.


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