FlexibleRails – properly hosting a rails application

I have had some time to fiddle with DreamHost to properly host Peter Armstrong’s Pomodo sample application. I have changed how it was being hosted so that I do not have to make any changes to the code prior to uploading it from my computer and I’ve decided to use a sub-domain instead of a directory inside of domain.

I’ve revised the link on previous post as well. I think http://pomodo.bitterbug.com sounds a lot better.

Ok, ok, application still does not do much. You can, at least, register (I am not keeping any info; feel free to make it up) and login afterwards. It just felt like the right time to host this exercise because chapter four (creating the UI) was so much fun.

Lastly, yes, I am keeping the cheese-ness for now; if its good enough for the book; its good enough for me.

On to chapter five where things get even more interesting…

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