Bizzare OLPC Video – Windows XP

It would be awesome if Microsoft eases OLPC problems and helps speed up program adoption.  I would try Windows on the OLPC; maybe it would even allow me to install lots of games and educational software for my son.

Everyone’s biggest concern on this is that Microsoft is going to corner the OS market ‘globally’.  I think Microsoft HAS cornered the OS market a long time ago.  I also think it makes other OSs better.  There is definitely room for more than one OS but all the bickering could very well kill this program and then everyone looses…

Why is it so hard to take advantage of this? The only negative effect would be an exclusivity agreement between OLPC and Microsoft. That would really suck.

Having watched the video a few times; I cannot even tell that its true… The OLPC laptop does not have much power to deal in such a speedy way so to say.  Soo, either good engineering getting XP on it or good editing for video.  See for yourself.


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