On the floor at the boutique

Not like that; like in a very special shop. An amazing tech shop where I’ve spent the past 4 weeks. Timing could not be more interesting or peculiar. The biggest irony is the title of this blog since, for the past few weeks, I have had absolutely no time to write. I have been absolutely exhausted.

Currently, my second son, Daniel is a month old. Between a new boy in the house (Diego is three) and a new job, I have been neglecting my three readers lately. Lots to write, little time. Enough of this; time moves on.

I am having the time of my life where everything is lining up better than I could have expected. I am truly blessed.

I am on my fourth week at new job. Less than a month ago, I was working for a financial services company (FCE) and now I am working for a CDN company (Highwinds). This has been a big change of pace for me. A lot less regulation, a lot faster pace and I am working with a very different technology product (Coldfusion is out; Flex is in).

The biggest thing that I’ve found out so far is that, the more I learn about Flex software development, the less I realize I know about Flex software development. I walked into shop feeling like an expert. In 2 seconds flat, and for two weeks, I felt like an absolute beginner. Currently, I feel like a journeyman. I am not certain how next week is going to feel. I hope to start making big contributions sooner rather than later…

The nicest part of working at Highwinds, so far, is being surrounded by so many competent technical people. Starting with my team (The User Experience Team), which is very knowledgeable, and just about everywhere I look, Highwinds is a technology company. It feels a little little like a .com, a successful one.

Some of the most fun I have ever had at a job I had at a now defunct .com called Joepix. This new place brings back fond memories which I am very eager to add to once more.

I have to learn how to walk first; this is a whole new ball-game for me and I am not the youngest in the group this time 🙂


2 thoughts on “On the floor at the boutique

  1. I’ll offer some perspective for ya about the guys I know on your team, if it helps. Russ has been working with Flex since 1.5 and has had to overcome some amazing hurdles with Flex; he still drops knowledge on me about stuff and I’m like wow. Max is just a mega over achiever (mainly because Tax Gorgeous takes most of the blame for things that go wrong) and is extremely open minded and practiced when working with new technologies. I don’t know much about Tommy, but he seems to really know his stuff too. It’s totally normal to feel overwhelmed when working with guys like this. I know I did when I worked with a couple of them at CFi. You are a talented developer and you’ll catch up to their standard quicker than you think because of your dedication. Even though it seems like your throwing away your CF knowledge, the basis of that knowdlege is portable and will serve you well.

    Good luck with everything man! I will definitely stay in the 3 subscriptions 🙂 for a while.

  2. @ Brian,

    Thank you for the kind words. It sure feels like I’m surrounded by some kind of special people; let’s see how I get this pixie dust to rub off on me…

    It’s sure fun… currently trying to find a case for anonymous functions for example… silly anonymous functions :p

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