Object Oriented ActionScript – most helpful book so far…

Moving from a software development position where most of the application code is in Coldfusion to a position doing Flex development has brought a few difficulties in my professional life. One of the most impacting ones is that reference resources are not the same.

Sure, there is some overlap. Both Coldfusion and Flex are Adobe products, there’s quite a few reference books and articles online that deal with both products. Even some of the most vocal Coldfusion bloggers use Flex and vice-versa. These have not proven as useful as I always thought they were.

Besides derailing a colleague’s thought process, one of the best resources I have used so far is Adobe’s online documentation for Flex, most specifically, Programing ActionScript 3.0. FYI – all these documents are available bundled in a zip file with all available pdfs from Adobe and its totally worth the download.

The other most helpful resource is the book titled Object Oriented ActionScript 3.0 by Friends of Ed (Apress). This books starts from the very basics and covers a wide array of topics. I particularly like that, while most of the content is new to me, some of the topics are familiar. I feel this book has a good mix of topics I really need to grasp and topics that merit review but that I don’t have to focus so much on.

I am only half way thru book now and I’m learning a lot form it. Mostly, it is making me feel comfortable in this ‘new’ environment I find myself in.

The only thing I find distracting, and this is applicable to me because I am not familiar with ActionScript 1.0 or 2.0 (barely with 3.0 so to say…), is the conscious contrast the authors present of the the differences between the old and new way of writing ActionScript. I acknowledge this is essential for those familiar with the evolution of the language but I am happily ignorant of such differences and intend to staythis way.

Odd that one of the most useful things to a seasoned ActionScript developer is of so little use for me… I can see myself going back to these parts of the book and finding some bits of wisdom I wish I had paid attention to in the first place. Rock on.

I feel the authors have done a great job of simplifying my life and I want to thank them for this. The book’s main web-page did not come up when I searched Friends of Ed but does come up from the Apress page (parent publishing company of Ed’s). I wish I had found this book a few weeks ago instead of scouring the web for helpful advice in all the wrong places 🙂

Lastly – for all who believe all you need to learn you can learn from the internet (Google me an education) and that books are overrated I still disagree with you.


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