Battle of the Flex Frameworks at Highwinds

In the endless wisdom of our group intelligence at Highwinds; we’ve decided to evaluate three of the most prominent Frameworks for Flex.  Max has created a sample application and tasked each of us, Tommy, Russ and I, to rewrite it using a different framework each.  Tommy has been tasked with Cairngorm, I think, because he has vast experience in it.  Russ has been given PureMVC because he seems to be able to do any of them and that one seemed like a nice exercise for him.

Unencumbered by he thought process and the lack of information, I am positively making great strides rewriting the application in Swiz.  Swiz is one of the newest frameworks being developed for Flex.  The other recent one is Mate but we have no more developers in our team…

Swiz is the product of Chris Scott (of ColdSpring fame).  ColdSpring is an inversion of control framework for Coldfusion and he is applying his knowledge of this to Flex with Swiz.  He recently opened a Google group for the framework.

Slowly but surely, information is making its ways to the tubes. Recently, Chris just posted a ‘getting started‘ guide and sample code. Almost as important, he was recently interviewed in the Flex Show where he gives very insightful information on Swiz.  Besides my colleagues, these are the only resources on this framework so far.

The Flex show also has interviewed Laura Arguello.  She is the author of the Mate Framework.  I haven’t listened to this one yet.  Mate seems a little more intriguing to me at the moment, if only because there is  more documentation for it.  Or, most likely, because this is the one we’re not evaluating…

I’m very exited to see where this exercise leads us.  I plan on using this great oppotunity to learn Swiz and to adapt some of my way-to-simple apps to use the framework and see how it facilitates working in Flex.


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