Balsamiq Mockups

I’ve been playing for the past two days with the excellent web version of Balsamiq Studio’s Mockups.  It is an application mockup tool written in Flex with a desktop version written in AIR.

If anything, it is a very easy to use and fast to develop your concepts in mockup tool.  I was able to quickly build mockups of a few ‘apps I want to build but never seem to get around to’.  I have only used the online version but someone at the office has downloaded the desktop version and seems impressed as well.

Licensing is very reasonable, $79 for the desktop version and there is an online version with a nag screen.  Also, the the developer (this is a micro ISV) provides online help thru forums and seems very dedicated to both the product and the community building around it.  His site,, is worth visiting as he has plenty of information I am but mentioning here…  He makes a much better case with demos, samples and even some videos.

Even the free version has the ability of saving your work as a PNG file or as an XML snippet you can save and reuse further.  I’ve tested this feature already and have successfully exported/imported my work a few times without any hiccups.

Lastly, the application is fun to use and this matters a lot.  Hopefully, it will promote its use and lead to better application designs.  It will definitely save me a lot of time and streamline my thought process.

Here’s about 30 minutes of work from the first time I tried it (ianaa):

I think this is a wonderfull and worthy use of using Flex and wish the developer the best of luck with this endeavor.


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