No windows users please – Photosynth

Now that my two windows users are reading this; I’ll like to show you what my living room looks like.

I was recently playing with Photosynth, a Microsoft labs creation. It allows you to create ‘virtual environments’ using only a camera (digital, high resolution is best) and a windows computer.

Seldom do I draw the line and take a stance on a windows vs mac application but this is one application which regretfully cannot be experienced in a mac computer.

Without much trouble, I was able to create a virtual environment of my living room. I believe that if I had taken my pictures (72 on total) with better resolution, it would have generated a better result. Usually, there is little hype of any innovation coming out of Redmond; the masses are, usually, either using Microsoft products or bashing Microsoft products as being mediocre copies of cheaper, better products. I can honestly say that Photosynth has proven this untrue. Makes me wish I payed more attention to things without being influenced so much byt the hype, by the masses.

At least, I’ll take this as an opportunity to open my eyes and be more willing listen to peers who are not like-minded. If anything, perspective on a debate can only foster better educated decisions.

Sorry for tangent; the purpose of this post was to show the few how nice this application of Microsoft’s;s is. I find it nice and useful in a way I rarely think about. I can imagine using Photosynth to better explain or better show things to people. It would make for very nice showing of an item for sale like a house add or a car posting on Ebay.

Excuse me while I go check my post looks ok in a windows computer…


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