In between Jobs Update!

For those keeping tabs; I have been ‘in–between’ jobs for the past few weeks; not really counting.

During this time, I have contacted and been contacted by most of my peers in the local IT industry offering lots of encouragement and even a few leads. I would like to thank them all publicly for their support.

At home, I have spent this break from the rat race to spend time with my wife and two boys and, even thou I have not done anything extraordinary, I haven’t had this must fun and peace and stress free days in ages. I got my family to thank for this.

The last thing I have to figure out is if I want to go the contracting route or seek a full time like before. Each has their pros and cons for me but lines are getting fuzzier all the time. My last employer was a full time but allowed telecommuting. Contracting would allow me to be closer to my family more. Job security I have learned, is not relative to full time or contracting either. Health costs for a family of four, however, is substantial as a contractor. Contracting is usually more interesting as well, both in the tasks involved and variety of them.

I find myself blessed, really, to have both options materialize for me in this case and this, seemingly simple choice has me almost paralyzed. It is a fact that lumbering around the house makes one lazy so I am looking forward to coming to grips and decide soon enough. To everyone who has shown me their support, etc.

Thanks you a lot. We are having a wonderful day today as well…


One thought on “In between Jobs Update!

  1. Hey man,

    Sounds like you are making good use of your time. In this economy it’s nice to have options, so I’m glad you get to make the choice.

    I always thought I would like contracting until Tommy started it, and after some of his stories I’m not sure I would any more. You should definitely chat with him about it before you jump in.


    – max

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