Mario started a new job!

I am excited to share that today starts my first full week of employment at Caxiam Group. I am grateful to Ethan Pitsch for the opportunity to serve him and join his development team. I think I even have a cool title but haven’t dome my email signature yet 😉

Having rested and enjoyed my family for these past few weeks; I am happy to have an office to go to and practice our craft. A few more weeks of slacking off would’ve been close to the point of no return! Hanging out with my kids (and wife) turned out to be too much fun and certainly puts this ‘company switch’ in perspective. I do miss my old team but they’re not far away anyways…

For anyone considering moving jobs or looking for that opportunity that suits you, I recommend you hit Craigslist for this has been the best resource for me. There are plenty of job postings added daily and most of them are business owners with real IT needs. Noise ratio from agencies is low and little fluff that gets posted is easily ignored.

Moving on, lots of thank you emails to write for your support and reaching out! Always thankful…


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