A Month At The Design Shop

It feels like a month has passed since taking a developer position at Caxiam Group. All the signs are there. Colleagues do not stop daily at my door anymore. 😦 I can’t state wether the coffee at Caxiam is better or worse than the coffee at Highwinds. I have even taken out the trash. I feel fully assimilated (or almost!). So far, this team feels about right (it helps that some are old friends). Regardless, It feels great to be able to share and work with, yet another, great Team.

By now, I have a decent idea of how I can help this Team and how much I can learn from them. One of the biggest differences from other Teams I’ve been a part off is how design heavy Caxiam Group is. If anything, Caxiam’s development process teaches me how much variety there is in going about our jobs. Were I use to go from concept/meetings to specs, etc, here the design usually comes first. Only after the customer is happy, does development begins… I am still getting acclimated to this ‘order’ and trying to bring perspective into it. We are living in interesting times 😉

Looking towards the future, I am spending my time at work revisiting the Coldfusion Universe with all its goodies (Frameworks, SDLCs, religious wars). We have lots of exciting decisions ahead of us which will help us grow and attract more and larger clients. I miss working on Flex during the day but I am certain it will sneak its way into our daily routine in due time 😉


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