Mac power adapter cables….

get brittle and break! I’ve just found out that, if you _carry_ your mac and work anywhere, camping out and in continuously, the thin cable (one with magsafe adapter) gets mighty hot while computer _shugs_ along. It gets hot to the point of getting brittle as time goes by and cracking when you wind it for storage… Priceless, er, $80 bucks at the apple store. To all my windows friends, here’s your chance to call me on the apple tax 😉

Anyways, let your cable cool down before coiling… sounds general enough advice to give.


2 thoughts on “Mac power adapter cables….

  1. I always wind my cables around the adapter before taking them on the road, and use the little plastic clip to hook them in place. Also, the clip can be used to make a little loop at the end of the cable to prevent it from being bent at a dangerous angle; I often see people putting too much strain on the end of their cables by not doing this.

    I’ve never had one break yet… I guess I’m either overly anal about cables or just lucky.

    – max

    • Apple genius’ take is that people often crank all day in their laptop and wrap cable (perhaps too tight as you mention) while cable is hot… when the cable cools down all wound up, plastic ‘sets’ in such way that it cracks when unwound next time…

      Only part that hurts is the ‘apple tax’ 😉 85 bucks out the door :p

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