Mingle Lessons Week Two

A week and a half into our current project… here’s are my lessons and miss-steps so far. I am certain there are more to come.

  • Originally scheduling 8 hours per developer per day. I should have known better but this one slipped big time. Perhaps I was too enthusiastic about estimating how many tasks we could do. I’ve been re-examining this for the past four days and believe 6 hours (top) per developer per day is realistic.
  • Assuming developers would be allowed to work on project full time. Ha! Sometimes we put up to half our time into project and half into various side tasks that need to be done as well. For other developers, this is much worse; they may have no more than a few hours a day to work on this project. This one is tricky since we cannot choose not to do tasks that need to be done.
  • Ramping up our project has been a bit slower than I expected. I blame myself for this one 100%. This is the first time I work in a project with this established team and this has forced everyone to adjust to each other (yeah because of me 😦 ). I am fortunate that everyone is very open minded and, at least, entertains my thoughts even if they are way off the current pace.

    Still, this is the most exiting lesson so far. We can sense increasing speed going thru tasks and handling those things we hadn’t thought of. It feels great to be developing a rhythm with my teammates.

  • Clearly, all these lessons are not related to Mingle but to web projects and the management of these… This makes them that much more important to me. I am certain that, taking these into consideration, will greatly improve our development workflow and pace.

    One thought on “Mingle Lessons Week Two

    1. Very true, 8 hours of actual work is surprisingly hard to achieve. ;/ One thing that we’ve been doing is being very stiff on estimates. Estimates are in 2 hour increments; minimum 2 hours. If there’s any doubt that it can’t be done in 2 hours; it’s a 4 hour task. Because this means rounding up; rounding up an 8 hour day works too. Wouldn’t be able to charge a client for these hours though, as being precise isn’t as important as hitting a target date. Doing both definitely complicates things o.0

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