Caxiam Group – Duties and Responsibilities

I am being asked to update my resume with the latest job description.  I am posting it here first for everyone’s perusal.

For the past few months I have served Caxiam Group (a Coldfusion Shop) as a Team Architect/Consultant. My time was mostly spent studying and contrasting, if need be, how the IT team worked and promoting modern development practices where I thought they would benefit them.

The most significant changes embraced by the team where:

  • Aided in project task time estimation and management.
  • Researched and outlined PCI compliance requirements and prepared a plan to reach this goal.
  • Adopted subversion as their source control server.
  • Moved to using Coldbox as their Coldfusion Framework of choice from a home brewed solution.
  • Implemented Coldspring to manage ColdFusion Objects.
  • Implemented Bugzilla and Mylyn as their bug/ticket tracking system.
  • Promoted the use of MxUnit for unit testing. (Never got to mocks)
  • Implemented Hudson, a continuous integration (CI) server.
  • Integration of SVN, Hudson, MxUnit (with Ant) and project management software for Coldfusion projects.
  • Outlined and set in motion a development workflow for new projects. Workflow was fairly comprehensive as well, starting from a job or task request up to automatic deployment (if chosen) of completed items thru CI server.

Even thou thee is not an original thought in the duties described above; I found great satisfaction in helping this team as best as I thought and encouraging the changes that I deemed most beneficial to them. In general, this has been a very pleasant and learning experience.

These are my last days here so, yes, I am seeking employment (again) and hoping to entertain more full time positions this time.

If anyone is intrigued or interested in any of this; I encourage you to contact Ethan Pitsch and Eric Sharp, the owners at Caxiam here.


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