Warehouse 13

I just discovered Warehouse 13 on Hulu and really like it.  Warehouse 13 is a science fiction show reminiscent of old sci-fi shows. There is no gore, gratuitous sex or cheap shots for laughs so common nowadays; just entertaining sci-fi plots.  British science fiction shows still do this.

Whenever an american show does this however, it risks getting canceled before first season wraps up.  Ever heard of Masters of Science Fiction?  Either that or their script writes change from science fiction fans to infomercial producers (too many to list).

Warehouse 13 is up to episode 4.  So far, it has many features worthy of fandom: good plots but not too serious, classy cheesy sci fi elements of yore and even a cylon guest appearance.

Perhaps this is news to me and not most of you? I’m trilled either way with the show and think its a nice break from science fiction ‘me too’ shows most networks put out… I hope Hulu distribution helps shows like Warehouse 13 find a fan-base and stay true to their original premise.


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