IT Self Employed in Orlando – The Good

Choosing what we work on (for the most part) is one of the most joyful aspects of consulting and contracting.

So far, we’ve found out that there are plenty of opportunities for small companies like ours to make a living. There always seems to be a small shop or an entrepreneur that needs a killer application or website.  These are not always the most lucrative ones. But taking into account how interesting they are and how unpleasant it is to work on something that may get shelved at any moment, they are worthy of consideration.

Catering to these clients is a nice reminder that our skillset is not restricted only to doing ‘data-driven’ sites or applications.  Among the usual accounting applications, the real estate applications, we’re either putting quotes out or building sites for ‘inspecting stuff’ (details if we build it), political websites (upcoming), simplest of content management systems (and not so simple) and even online directories for niche markets that no one seems to have bothered to serve.

If you ever wonder, yes, there are plenty of applications you can profitably write that you feel passionately about but do not believe they are worth your time to do so.  Often, we forgo pursuing these endeavors assuming we can better spend the time doing something else.  We end up with our heads always forgetting these not so silly ideas we have only to shortly afterwards see someone else develop something similar and with much success and personal satisfaction.


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