Jumping into the world of data

A new year, a new job… Hope this is not a pattern.  Starting 2010 with a bang; I find myself as an analytical engineer at Inquira.  Inquira touts itself as the leader in intelligent knowledge solutions.  I believe this to be true but admit I had to look this up first.

In a nutshell, we provide the best content management system for big companies coupled with the best search engine for content retrieval.  Lastly, an analytical package gets bundled which enables the customer to improve the content managed.

OK, in a nutshell, we have a kick ass CRM with even better search (unmatched in the industry) and analytics to boot.  There.

As already stated, I am fortunate to have joined a small team of analytical engineers mainly concerned with business intelligence and all that that encompasses.  The key is, everyday I find out this BI covers more and more areas I hadn’t thought about.  This seems to be a very interesting opportunity and I hope to relay such sentiment in upcoming posts…


2 thoughts on “Jumping into the world of data

    • Thanks Adam,
      I’m definitely shooting for fun! Depending how you look at it, our virtue (or predicament) is that we have to support what our clients support. In a nutshell, we’re a Java shop embracing Agile. I think we’re on the 6th or 7th sprint now. I’ll be most involved with analytics in the database side for BI and we maintain parity in our services for Oracle, MySQL and MS SQL.
      More soon 😉

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