Top Eleven Podcasts I’m Listening To

I am stealing the post idea from a friend I think. Every time I update my podcast subscriptions, I think about posting new finds but never do… Here are my top ten podcasts (in no particular order) making my commute to new job less arduous.

1. FLOSS Weekly – From the TWIT network (lots of goodies there), an interview per podcast, a bit less than an hour in length, with interesting people (most of the time) from the open source community. TWIT allows you to grab any episode form their site so it may be best to pick and choose…  They have even been streaming for the past few months at  Many memorable episodes, like the processing one, are worth saving for a second listening if topic spikes your interest.

2. TJ’s Twillight Zone – Kick ass music podcast for hitting your zone and don’t care who’s close by 😉

4. Mixergy – An entrepreneurial, interview per podcast with people who’ve made it and their stories. Must listen I think because it gives perspective on both life and success in it from regular people (or not so regular) inspiring either way.

5. Dave Ramsey – Best podcast on money. Simple down to earth financial advice with zero fluff or hidden agenda. I ought to be pissed at Dave because he made me sell my little sporty car but at the same time, his advise allowed the best of times for my family even as most people are having trouble nowadays.
In 2009 I lost a fantastic job, consulting had nothing more than slim pickings and my family was still able to vacation in Alaska, buy another little sporty car and even entertain working for myself while my wife stayed at home enjoying our kids. Debt free and not a care in the world; thanks Dave!

6. Classical Podcast, Magnature – Music for thought?! As nice slow non boring classical music for white noise as I can stand.

7. Digital Planet – Nice short news on good geeky topics from the BBC. Proof that God has a sense of humor: one of the commentators, Gareth Mitchell, sounds a like Moss from the IT Crowd… Actually, that makes sense, awesome!

8. This American Life – Chicago’s Public Radio show about everyday stories from real people like us. Quality of topics is most consistent form most podcasts I listen to, even if the Christmas one was shit.

9. WNYC’ Radio Lab – A friend told me about this one when he heard This American Life playing on my laptop. Very similar, different angle and sometimes better. If you like one of these you will like the other.

10. tech5 – John C. Dvorak’s 5 minute take on most relevant and timely events of the day… Yes no more than a few minutes, the most succinct podcast on tech. I was both impressed by how nice keeping up with a short podcast was and by the fact that podcasts keep getting larger instead of shorter…

11. The Concert – Another classic music podcast. More variety of performances than the Magnature one, just as good with contrasting selection.

Hopefully you find something worth listening to 🙂


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