Zenni Optical Prescription Sunglasses

I am a big fan of LBWEyewear, a sensible, online eyeglasses shop with great prices, selection and, I recently found, fantastic customer service. They are the sole reason I am never setting foot in a brick and mortar eyeglass shop.

The only thing LBWEyewear doesn’t have is sunglasses. After ordering a few set of glasses from LBWEyewear, I waited a bit to see if they would ever get sunglasses… not yet. (If you go and check and they do now then you’re reading an old post ;))

A friend reccently mentioned that she orders her glasses at Zenni Optical. Zenni Optical seemed similar to LBWEyewear with one big difference. They sell prescription sunglasses! I ordered immediately and just received mines. They look better than on the pictures, delivery time was speedy and look fantastic. Prices are competitive to LBWEyewear and selection is different but complementary as well.

If you like LBWEyewear I think you will like Zenni Optical. I did and I’m happy to be a customer of both!

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