Movielens OLAP Cube Slicing And Dicing On Demand

I wanted to write the post ‘Slicing Your Own OLAP Cube’ but I am not there yet. From my last post, a recurring theme in my friends comments was that the dimensions and measures that can be inspected where set in stone. I thought I was doing fairly well but I can see their point. Having a cube and having it sliced in a way you don’t need is kinda useless.

Which brings me to this small update. Here (click on the image) is a variation of the same OLAP Cube concept.

The most important difference is this one allows the user to pick any two dimensions and any fact and measure to ‘slice and dice’ the cube provided as they wish.

To get an idea of the power/purpose of such tools, try picking rating as the fact then picking occupation and genre for dimensions and check it out. Trying different dimensions will allow you to, hopefully, gain some insight into the nature/trends in this (or any other) data.

Now, you can:

1. Import the cube (xml file)
2. Load it into memory
3. Pick a fact and a pair of dimensions
4. Inspect the data by slicing the cube in different measures (aggregation).

Its pretty rough right now but the more time I put into this, the easier its getting to focus on it 😉

Next up, I will add the ability to consume any online, sensibly-sized, xml output from a web service to analyze. This is going to be fun (if it works). Stay tuned 😀

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