Is Your Eclipse IDE Slow? – Look at Bug 312038

If you recently or not so recently installed a newer release of Eclipse (Helios is current at time of writing), does starting this new release take forever? Does ‘initialize Java tooling’ stall for ages at 1% or 30%? Did you have to revise your workflow so that you don’t have to use Eclipse anymore?

You, like me, may have Bug 312038 – JRE Container hasChildren locks up the UI for more than 30s.

For me, starting Eclipse or building was taking minutes at times… something you can quietly hide until you have peers reviewing code behind your back and impatiently point out that you suck. These symptoms happened across all subsequent installations of Eclipse I tried so there was no saving me.

In the end, I followed Paul Austin’s directions on Comment 8 which I here steal:

Paul Austin says:

I have found out what the problem is. The code which is looking for src.jar and is not finding the file as eclipse is looking in the following


But the src.jar is in the new location.


I copied the src.jar file into the old location and now it works.

I found this out as it was also hanging when I went into the Preferences to
look at the installed JRE’s and it was hanging there. I then did a thread dump
and looked for the source code which told me it was looking for the src.jar or file.

I have been happily humming along for days now. Worth a post indeed, I can barely wait for the next peer review to show off my smoking rejuvenated Eclipse!


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