OBIEE Cannot Log Into Admin Tool In Online Mode

  • You cannot log into your RPD in online mode. 
  • You are certain that you are using the proper credentials: repository password, weblogic username and weblogic user password. 
  • You can, however, log into RPD in offline mode. 

It is likely that the OBIEE server was shutdown while you had the RPD open in online mode in the Admin Tool. 

  1. Ensure the OBIEE server is shut down.
  2. On the OBIEE server, navigate to the location of your RPD.  You should see, together with your RPD a ‘.sav’ and a ‘.log’ version of your RPDfile.
  3. Remove these two files.
  4. Start BI Services again.

After OBIEE is up, you should be able to open your RPD file in online mode again.

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