OBIEE–RPD Fails Global Consistency On Joins Between Tables

You finish revising RPD for project and, upon checking global consistency, you get the following error(s):

[38015] Physical tables "<TABLE_ONE>" and "<TABLE_TWO>" have multiple joins. Delete new foreign key object if it is a duplicate of existing foreign key.

Each of these errors points to different tables but they are all of the same type.  Sensibly, error states that the tables in question have more than one join between them. 

Reviewing Relationships, however, does not show anything unusual.


For every relationship reported as having multiple joins:

  1. Remove the join displayed in the relationships popup.
  2. Close/ Reopen Relationships.

See that the relationships deleted still exist.

For some reason,the admin tool copied these relationships twice into project.  For me, this happened on recently added relationships between existing and new tables. 

Oracle’s relationship tool, however, does not display more than one relationship between two objects.  In this case, RPD somehow had the same relationship twice times.  Deleting one left a proper relationship between tables.

4 thoughts on “OBIEE–RPD Fails Global Consistency On Joins Between Tables

  1. This saved me! Thanks. Had the same issue, had to repeat it 3 times because the Consistency Checker was throwing 3 identical errors. Worked like a charm, thanks again!

  2. This is nice article. Had the same issue, instead of deleting it from relationship popup, delete it from Join Manager. It will save lot more time.

  3. Thanks for the heads-up. So many unthinkable gotchas, but once overcome, its a very complete product after all. I have since moved onto different responsibilities at work; still would consider using OBIEE again 😉 Cheers,

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