Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Client Tools

Talk about running behind.  I recently found out that Oracle does offer a client tools ONLY set for OBIEE.  As of this writing (, you can head over here and grab Oracle Business Intelligence Developer Client Tools Installer.

At a bit larger than 300 MBs, this download is a walk in the park compared to them 25 GBs.

I am successfully running Admin Tool now sans server on local box but I ran into a few odd things along the way.

1. Installing client tool goes smoothly until the end when installer states ‘completed with error’ message.  Installer writes log to base of client tools directory, Oracle_Business_Intelligence_Enterprise_Edition_Plus_Client_InstallLog.xml

Here is the only error I found:

<action name="Custom Action" target="" status="error">

<error> class runtime exception:</error>


For this, Google unusually gives/gave no results (yet?)

2. Upon opening rpd file in offline mode, I get the following error:


Disregarding this error proves the best idea since rpd opens file and I was able to proceed and work as intended.

Adding ORACLE_INSTANCE to what I believe is my valid path(C:\Program Files\Oracle\OBIEE Client\oraclebi\orainst\bifoundation\OracleBIServerComponent\coreapplication\repository), replaces that click-and-forget error with the following error:


Removing path brings back original one but allow me to open rpd again.


4 thoughts on “Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Client Tools

  1. Excellent! This (indirectly) solved my problem using the Admin Tool on 64-bit Windows 7. I installed just the OBIEE client tools, but when I went to run the Admin Tool I kept getting the Configuration Error dialog. I just went into the C:\Program Files\Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Plus Client\oraclebi\orahome\bifoundation\server\bin directory, changed the permissions on the bi_init.cmd file, and commented out the line set ORACLE_INSTANCE. I get the Invalid Path dialog you mention above, but it works. Thanks!

  2. I followed your steps but got more troubles – for some reason in my case, the instance folder in user docs does not have all the required config files such as database defaults features.

    After hours of struggling, I left the original line in biinit, but I granted full access permissions to all user groups for all folders underneath
    C:\Program Files\Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Plus Client

    And this worked great! So the only thing you need to do is to change permissions and you are done.

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