Auto Start OBIEE With Windows

One of OBIEE’s idiosyncrasies is that, by default, only the user that installed the product can start the server from the Window’s Start menu.  For more information on this, please read this old post.

The solution outlined on that post enables ADDITIONAL users to start OBIEE. This is still borderline unacceptable on a production environment.  Ideally, we want OBIEE to start with the Windows Server.

What we want is OBIEE to start as a service on boot up.  The only original information I’ve found on this comes from Oracle itself.

Everything else ‘on the tubes’ so far is a copy/paste job from Oracle doc.  However, I have found no success stories from anyone.  I could not get this to work either for OBIEE.

This is where Windows Scheduler comes in.  Using Windows Scheduler, I was able to set OBIEE to start on system startup without any trouble. 

Here’s how:

1. From the Windows Start Menu, select to Add Scheduled Task from the Scheduled Tasks.


2. Press ‘Next’, then ‘Browse’ to enter the full path of the command specified on the OBIEE Windows Start Menu Item.

3. To obtain the path needed, go to the link on the Start Menu and select Properties for the Start BI Services option.


4. From the pop menu, select and copy the Target path to your clipboard.


5. Press ‘OK’ to close this popup menu.

6. Paste this path to the Select Program to Schedule dialog box previously opened.  Press ‘Open’ to set.


Note: For a default installation, the full path is c:\_obiee_\instances\instance1\bifoundation\OracleBIApplication\coreapplication\StartStopServices.cmd start_all.  Note the argument start_all passed to cmd.  We will add this argument to the task later to save us an error prompt here.

7. Give this scheduled task a name and specify this task to run when computer starts. Press ‘Next’.


8. Setup the task to start for the user that installed OBIEE in the first place.  If you prefer OBIEE starts under a different user (like SYSTEM), you will have to enable said user to have full control of task first as outlined in this post. Press ‘Next’ to proceed.


9. On final screen, select to open advanced features for this task.


10. On dialog box, add the start_all argument to the Run path.


11. Verify the user (now run as) credentials for user that installed OBIEE.


You are done.  You can proceed to Scheduled tasks and note that your new task is listed


Next time Windows starts, most likely 10 minutes afterwards:p, OBIEE should be up and running.

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