An Orlando Runaround

For runners… 

You may know about the site DC Rainmaker, what I think to be one of the best run/swim/bike blogs that I know.  I find Ray Maker’s Run-Around-The-Neighborhood posts very entertaining.  As of this writing, his latest is A London Runaround.  Go check it out, he is very enthusiastic and you can’t help but enjoy his runs. 

Paying homage to these, I decided to find out if these are as fun to do as they look!

May in Orlando means we try to schedule our runs early in the morning or late in the evening.  This morning before work, I decided to head out for a morning run. 

Sidenote – If you’re in Orlando for business, this run is close to the airport.

I start my run imagining I am cruising down Beverly Hills.


Which quickly turns into Anytown USA, your typical office park with a mixture of businesses and hotels.

About 10 minutes into run though, the landscape is completely different.

Before long, we run into the littlest city close to Orlando Airport no one has heard about, Belle Isle.

Pretty soon, we get to one of many public parks around the city, Warren Park. 


Not many people here yet this early in the morning.

Running past, we see quaint shops and restaurants dot the route.

They even have their own gas station with a waterfront.  Neat. 

With a little dock that allows people to enjoy Lake Conway.

Along the route, most streets leading to the lake have No Outlet signs posted. 

A particular one, however, holds a secret for runners.  Note the fence at the end of the road.

It leads into the second park I am going to visit today, Lagoon Park.

Wedged between neighbors, this is a very tranquil place to take a breather and sip some water.

Its Tuesday so rest has to wait. I head out to the neighborhood on the other side of the park.

And get to enjoy a nice run with a lot of shade.

Soon, I stop at a not-quite-a-park but a boat ramp.  It is a big lake after all.  This is called the Perkins Boat Ramp.

Where we can enjoy the nice view.

And greet the neighbors as they go about their day.

Not a mile goes by before I visit the third official park of the day, Lucille B. Bateman Park at Swann Beach.

Heading back to run; I almost forgot I was in long run.

I pass a beautiful house I could live in but don’t.

As I head out to cross Lake Conway on the way back to work.


This is a lot better place to drink take a sip of water with a nice view at either side.  Running in the morning makes all things peaceful (except dogs).

I can almost picture myself in a kayak instead.

Back to reality, I cross the bridge and head back the other way.

Looking back assuring myself I’ll come back.

Forget the kayak, I could buy that boat instead.

Here is the last park, I think fourth, I will visit in run today.  It is the smallest park I’ve ever seen, Gilbert Park.

Nice little nook. I wonder if it provides public access to the lake.  I’ll find some other time.

So I actually run into the last park, fifth, of my run today.  It is actually part of  Warren Park, the first park I ran into today. This part is on the other side of the road so I count separately.  This would be a nice place to come play with the kids at lunch break.  I’ll have to ask my wife.

It even has the requisite playground for the kids.

Exiting back the way I came, I see people enjoying the park by now.

Sadly, I have to head back for a full day of work ahead.

Bye Belle Isle.

Sorry for grumpy face. A quick shower and a full day of work awaits me.


Not as picturesque as a run around London but it sure beats sitting at desk.  Lets wrap this up with required route and link of morning run. 


As Ray would say, thanks for reading!

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