Dave Ramsey’s Entreleadership One Day Event

Dave Ramsey’s mission is to get people out of debt.  He hosts a popular radio show, offers classes nationwide and sticks to biblically backed lessons in every endeavor that his organization does.  Classy setup all around.  If you tried to boil down his ‘philosophy’ it would succinctly be ‘No Debt’.  Simple enough and we all know this but clearly its not what we know but what we do that matters.

He ‘made’ me sell my custom ordered fancy sporty car back in 2006 and I have been a, sometimes reluctant, fan ever since.  Upside is that my family is debt free minus the house and we can clearly see the day when we are not even encumbered by that.  I’ll like to rephrase that: Not a care in the world!

Thanks Dave; if you ever setup shop in Orlando, let me know!

Anyways,  just google Dave Ramsey if the above sounds appealing; he is 10x more eloquent that me.  One of the events Dave goes on tour for is Entreleadership.  This event’s focus is guiding the entrepreneurs among us motivating them to stand up and be good leaders at their venture.

Having seen Dave a few times, I think this is one delivers one of his strongest messages to his audience.  I was fortunate enough to volunteer for his Orlando visit this time, got to sell some books and talk to people all day.  I also witnessed a little bit of behind the scenes action for his organization.  Happy to say that Dave’s Team is running a class act and doing the right thing at every chance. Way to go!  I had a great time with the other volunteers who were all great and committed and shared Dave’s mission.

For the two that have read all the way here, I highly recommend assisting this, or any other of his events as a volunteer or audience member.  As a volunteer, I got the chance to see Dave a bit but not enough to write down notes as I would’ve had I sat thru the whole thing BUT… I remembered I should have my notes from when I did assist the event.

As a note to self, and my two readers (hey there!), here is a brain-dump from November, 2010.  These are notes to self so it’s a-ok if they do not make sense to you.  Got it? Good.

Thanks for reading!  Necessary disclaimer, any mistakes in notes are mine, you cannot say that I said something erroneous about Dave and get either him or me in trouble.  YOU are responsible for YOUR actions.  Just read, get pumped and go make the world a better place.

  • @entreleadership
  • When you have a problem, seek answers in the Bible.
  • His personal story. From riches on real estate to his lender getting bought out by other bank to this bank calling his notes in.
  • His team, Chris.
  • On Team not employees, leadership.
  • Quality culture, family.
  • Teach leadership, one hour a week (Friday Chats)
  • Has 26 weeks of lessons, do 3 1/2 days
  • Good leader at 50, sucked at 30.
  • Typical entrepreneur mentality – Flow, get a new idea every morning
  • Team needs more than leaders, needs entrepreneurs
  • EntreLeader = leader + entrepreneur
  • 11% on Q2, sales got attn. reinvent.
  • Even a Turkey can fly in a tornado… (easy when economy is good)
  • When economy is bad… best ones are good in bad times
  • Economy just trimmed out all the goobers
  • There is opportunity in dangerous times
  • Courageous
  • Good, quality people won’t stand behind a weak leader.
  • 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership – Business book a month  — Book One
  • Character, spiritual walk
  • All as one c, focus on as then, turn to c

  • Ben Sanders – Conductor on TED.
  • Old Testament / Thou Shall Prosper – Oil poured on head drips thru beard.  As goes the head does the body — tainted by beard of leader… on Anointing
  • Delegate what you hate – but check. Quick
  • You are vessel, if you are the problem, you are the solution
  • From a small vessel with dirt to a big clean one
  • Once you grow and stretch you never go back
  • Good to Great — book Two
  • Wimp — not letting go of bad fits
  • Dave’s team’s average age is 27-28 yrs old
  • Pre-meet do tour book for event about to assist from assistant. — dossier on person about to meet with.
  • On leader’s influence — story about picnic with his son on grounds w/ 900 plus people.
  • Story manufacturing jobs leader — 275 laid off, parks at back of lot to remind himself of his job to bring all this people back.
  • Do not be passive; leader has your back.
  • Any idiot can be a boss.
  • Kids guide enablement. not super strict either
  • Positional power then persuasion-al power, vision
  • In every 33 year old, there is a 30 and a 3 year old.
  • Biggest goal in life is to be treated like a human being

  • You want team members not employees
  • They need to get the why
  • Passion is manifested loud or quietly. Care deeply about outcome.
  • Systems and Processes will not replace passion in a company.
  • Man In The Mirror — Book Three
  • I am not accountable to people I do not have a relationship with
  • Coach – someone who loves you but you’re a little bit afraid he’s going to go crazy at any moment
  • Adjust, react quicker to new information
  • Vissioneering — Book Four
  • Proverbs 29:18
  • Dreams, turn into reality, monetize it.
  • Built To Last — Book five
  • Not only seek to lead but to teach leadership
  • Balance, Wheel Of Life, flat tire
  • Some things one is good at, some things one is bad at
  • Being bad at something helps one understand these weaknesses in others to show grace when one overcomes these weaknesses
  • Cut grass since 12 yr old story

  • Dave’s weakness is the social thing… wife asks to dress and go to house … charity showing… cut check instead
  • Setup yearly goals with wife
  • Identify weaknesses and setup goals catered to work on these
  • Story Q2 — he is done with 12 dinner social goal
  • I would like to get into shape is NOT a goal. Too broad.
  • Focus to follow… energy into these
  • Do NOT give kids their goals.  Make kids create their own goals
  • On daughter’s orientation – 59% graduation rate / 27% in four years
  • Make a plan
  • Break down goals, be specific
  • Look in year, $/month — how?
  • Dave keeps journal… showing an old 90s journal
  • He does monthly outline / did pre-planning AND OUTCOME
  • Outcome can be good or bad… expectations
  • Solid 4th radio show, largest independent
  • Missing timelines does NOT mean failure
  • Be careful of what happens when you write it down, it will take you places
  • Setup goals causing people to dream higher
  • Money is not enough

  • Communication, reports, unity kept, meets
  • Create culture … prayer list, gossip list
  • Gossip; negative go up, positive go down
  • Having negatives is expected
  • You bring no value to the organization
  • Warning is ok… weird air they breathe
  • 36 calls/week as salesguy in Dave’s team
  • Insight into call: is a connection w/ person called
  • Setup general guidelines
  • Tell me what you want to do and how are you going to do it — from I want to make 67 calls/week
  • Do not be self delusional. Have to do activity required to reach the goal.
  • Steve Covey’s Getting Things Done — Book Six
  • People usually do not need help on Quarter 1
  • 20% improvement increasing efficiency (dropping on Q2)
  • Answer the phone in 2 rings story. but when it rings, it is never for me.  he does not pick up phone anymore
  • Q2 (GTD) is most important quadrant
  • Things not done in Q2 move to Q1
  • Be proactive in life w/out waiting for proper time for things — my take

  • Economy is like our bodies, it is best left alone to heal.
  • Physician’s first goal is to do no harm. Economist should do the same.
  • Retained earnings… emergency budget
  • On micro business… keep separate accounts. Never mix with personal. Profit is what is left… p/l statement
  • One fourth of money brought in is saved for taxes for < 75k/yr brought in
  • EAsports, Cisco, Google, Gap are run debt free
  • 90% ideas suck money, 10% are prosperous… but they were all good ideas.
  • Bad Dave Ideas: AM Radio Station.
  • AM Covers more space, humidity helps (darkness as well).
  • Turn wattage down at night.
  • Signal bounces off atmosphere so most stations turn wattage down at night.
  • 650 grand opry
  • First cause of suicide in men is money (Sunday nights). Women is relationships
  • ‘Money Game’
  • Before they kill themselves, they are drunk
  • 98 year old complaining drunk
  • 78k lost before breaking contract
  • Screaming preacher -> Dave -> Screaming Preacher

  • Bad Dave Ideas: Adventures In Space
  • Four book series for Chickfila (who wants five books)
  • Write Seven books write and show 7 on back of all books so kids get 5 from Chickfila and buy rest from him.
  • Space camp attorney is irate on book content… stupidity is not legal defense
  • Space camp owner’s wife heard book’s content on radioshow and chewed hubby out
  • 27k books shredded
  • Now space camp gets free Dave Ramsey stuff
  • Be the tortoise in a culture full of hares
  • Self improvement business, Jan – Feb, Oct – Sept
  • So he does no July, December… forecasting
  • Taxes are likely going up next year
  • Retained earnings
  • First time simulcast
  • Prospering in good and bad w/ retained earnings
  • Weekly management meetings with wife.
  • On Jewish as worship

  • Only difference in secular and sacred is why you do things
  • Overflowing cup story from Lapin
  • Be righteous with your money
  • Saucer is why you do business
  • Giving is done at home. Do not give in business to impress
  • Little Red Book of Business — Book Seven
  • St John – Rockefeller island sanctuary
  • Dave and Chris on QA
  • Myth – Incorporating to save on taxes
  • Savings on writeoffs
  • When you got something to loose
  • He does S Corp, Lambo Group
  • LLC Real Estate
  • LL Copyright
  • He is not yet at 50% year expenses saved
  • Mandatory weekly devotionals with speakers
  • Focused on WHY of tasks
  • Culture, champions, family
  • I do not raise money; I make money
  • 64% of business started last year started with less than 5k
    • What can I do with 5k? I got 5k!
  • Self control to grow slowly
  • Never all in on one hand
  • Best, Probable, worst – Three budgets for irregular income

  • Fear is not a fruit of the spirit
  • Chris.. EntreLeadership Nashville Jan 30 Feb 2 2k dollars!
  • On team math, adding and subtracting
  • 5% turn over ratio
  • 5% hire chance after two interviews
  • Biggest mistake is not taking enough time to hire properly
  • lack of time leads to wrong hires
  • On bad stuff… shine light on, demons go away
  • Talk about turnover
  • 2008 15% w/ life changing events turnover/ 2009 5%
  • One good hire versus four crazy ones… takes same hiring time
  • Hiring 17 web developers 2011, 1k bonus — we’re visiting TN!!
  • Does Dave need Business Intelligence Team Member?
  • What questions would he asks?
  • Does not believe in Exit Interviews…
  • Christian lady’s story all about $ not about Jesus
  • Check don’t clear integrity, you did not volunteer
  • Do not hire on one interview
  • Two ears/one mouth… listen twice as talking to learn about them.  20 min listen / 10 min talk

  • How can I serve you and your organization
  • Talent is never afraid of compensation
  • Lots of hires are weird circumstances
  • Resumes are useless… good for starting a conversation, may be worth something for technical skills
  • DISC test given to all hires — personality model – 30 bucks
  • Dave is high D and I(nfluencer)
  • Stable loyal
  • Compliant detail
  • Don’t hire talented jerks
  • Lots of people (followers) join
  • Passion is what you do
  • Budget theirs… they have to be good at their budget
  • Check job interviews
  • Sharon (Wife) – holy spirit – w/ virtue
  • 30-50 hires a year
  • A good person married to a crazy one is useless
  • I am not looking for the best players; I am looking for the right ones
  • New resume
  • Family with a baby with leukemia. Put schedule to care for them and have someone do their job.  Guys cut lawn; girls cook

  • Marriage counseling: Dave pays 1,2,3 and 7,8,9. Employee pays 4,5,6 = 9 classes
  • Win Friends and Influence People — Book Seven
  • Some people are not lazy, they just do not know what to do
  • Fire lazy people
  • Apologize in front of all who witnessed public chewing originally
  • Golden rule… ample warning on coming firing
  • 830/832/900 — in/meet/out <- firing day
  • Turn away person with problem
  • Ask to come back with three solutions
  • Ask (when back) to analyze each solution
  • Then with suggestions, analyze them
  • Ask for problem and possible solution to analyze
  • … until you get an email: we had this problem and picked soln number 2
  • Grow good people
  • Drama of show — he skips sidenotes based on time left (or goes into)

  • Treat others how you want to be treated
  • Takes care of corporate policy
  • Treat all people the same
  • There is truth independent of how you feel
  • Do what God is calling you to do
  • Churchill … Don’t Quit

What the heck; fanboy here.  And this is Dave and I both in 2010 and 2013. Smile I know!




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