Analyzing the 12th Annual Greater Oviedo 5K with Tableau

I had been meaning to write about this semi recent 5K run in beautiful Oviedo at First Baptist Church.  With by Raul’s insistence, I decided to check this local favorite out.

Held this past May 24th, 2014 on a hot Saturday morning, the course was florida-flat (42 ft elevation gain) but had plenty of shade and had that small-town feeling Oviedo is known for.

With a few weeks to ‘train’ I set out to ramp up the miles in order to reduce my time.  No medals for me yet but I enjoyed the race sights, the crowd and the location.  Nothing like an early short run to set one up for a nice weekend.

For fun, I decided to play around with the results in Tableau and try out the OSX version of the software.  Feature-wise, both Windows and OSX versions are the same, with the Windows version being just a bit more stable with big sets of data.

Anyways,  back to the race.  As mentioned before, this is a local Oviedo race.  Most of the runners come from Oviedo itself or some close by neighborhood.


640 runners met for the race.  The group was split almost evenly between men and women with 47% and 53% respectively.

The age groups looked a little more interesting.  Notice the difference in gender at 40-44.  More generally, from 25-44, girls clearly represent this race.


Other fun bits, the younger runner was 6 years old and the oldest 84.  There were a bunch of mom/daughter and son/dad teams as well.  Good family times!

As for myself, I did ok.  I was able to place 7th in my age group and pr with a little bit to go.


As far as other 40 year olds, I tell myself things look mighty impressive.


I am skipping the Garmin data of this post; I just wanted to play a bit with Tableau.  Maybe I’ll combine run data from Garmin next time.  Garmin run data can be seen here. Tableau workbook can be found here.  Race data can be found here.

Oh yeah, make sure to check out the Greater Oviedo 5K; nice all around race.  Thanks for reading.

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