Data Science Toolkit on VMWare Error

Tried to run Running Data Science Toolkit in VMWare but get image error?

The OVA image provided seems to have been created in VirtualBox. Attempting to deploy in VMWare give the following error:

The OVF package requires unsupported hardware.
Details: Line 33: Unsupported hardware family ‘virtual box-2.2’.


Using VMWare’s OVFTool, we can convert this image to a ‘VMWare-format’ image as follows,

From the command line,

ovftool.exe -tt=vmx —lax c:\dstk_0.50.ova c:\dstk_0.50.vmx


After a good while, we will end up with VMWare, 60gb disk. That is it… your data science toolkit vm.


One thought on “Data Science Toolkit on VMWare Error

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