2015 Gasparilla Half-Marathon



  • PR!
  • First time running with a pacer. Way to go Kristen.
  • First time racing with Polar! M400 ftw.
  • Running in the dark for the first few miles. Street lamps had lots of style but gave but a nice glow that didn’t light road.
  • Half marathon may be sweet spot. Not too long not too short.
  • A big portion of course was out-and-back along Tampa Bay.  This gave us, the slow runners, a clear view of the elites on their way back to finish line.  It was breathtaking to see the game these runners are playing.  Lets just say that their stride looks very different than mine.  Wow, I’m looking up!



  • Include water stations in training/race strategy. I usually walk the stations and had to play catch-up to pace group. Every, single, time. Goodness, they can drink and run at the same time.
  • Review course, at least on map. Right after mile 12, an awesome person on a crane overhead us runners blasted ‘finish-line after bridge’ over megaphone.  Jolt of excitement goes thru my body, which is starting to ache.  I kind off see bridge in the distance.  Off I go, empty my cup! Finnish line was after SECOND bridge. Thanks dude… I almost did my dance 200 ft from the finish line.
  • Plan breakfast ahead of time. It’s about impossible to wing breakfast at 4am.  Ran on empty stomach and just about fainted an hour after run.
  • Plan post-race reunion with loved ones ahead of time. Winged this and it caused unnecessary aches (and extra walking).



Best race yet.  I would definitely consider revisiting Tampa next year for Gasparilla Half.

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