Kibana4 Custom Color Palettes

Cool and quick dabble on Kibana4 for custom color palettes.  Since Kibana4 is the blaze of the future and old Kibana is not coming back, its worth our time spending time getting to know this latest version.
Here is neat ‘temp graph’ using a custom color palette and temperature data from drives in pc.
And here is the original for reference.

First, go here and grab some colors,

Then just edit file.

 Here is my change. From this:
return function SeedColorUtilService() {
     return [
To this:
// Flames Baby
return function SeedColorUtilService() {
     return [

That and a quick restart, and BAM; custom color palettes in Kibana4.

Of course, this is an all or nothing. If other visualizations in your dashboard have have multiple filters/attributes, everything ends up looking equally colorful.

Here is a flaming pie-chart for example.

And here is how it would look with the default palette.
Kibana4 is evolving and I am certain their color palette implementation will be better than this, however, if you need custom colors now, this will do in a pinch.
Thanks for reading.

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