Hydroponics System Update – Month One

This is an update of everything that has happened since I setup my first hydroponic system.


This is the second post; the first one is here.  For the past month, I’ve learned much about patience, balance and planning that I hope will make this system a success.  I still can’t hold a candle with my mom; she can grow anything just about anywhere…

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Hydroponics A-Frame Build Log

After the fact, here is a photo build log of step one; Building an a-frame hydroponics tree.  Most of the knowledge in building this comes from here and here. It is a shame that the second site has had all the pages removed.  This person did so much good work.  Regardless, the cached version of his instructions, the ones I followed, are here.  You might as well print that and follow it.  I pretty much did what he did…

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