An Orlando Runaround

For runners… 

You may know about the site DC Rainmaker, what I think to be one of the best run/swim/bike blogs that I know.  I find Ray Maker’s Run-Around-The-Neighborhood posts very entertaining.  As of this writing, his latest is A London Runaround.  Go check it out, he is very enthusiastic and you can’t help but enjoy his runs. 

Paying homage to these, I decided to find out if these are as fun to do as they look!

May in Orlando means we try to schedule our runs early in the morning or late in the evening.  This morning before work, I decided to head out for a morning run. 

Sidenote – If you’re in Orlando for business, this run is close to the airport.

I start my run imagining I am cruising down Beverly Hills.


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Garmin Forerunner 10 Running Tip

The Garmin FR10 running watch has 2 screens to display data when you run. Each of these screens can, in turn, display 2 data fields.

During a run, you can scroll thru these two screens, plus time and date screen, using the lower right button on the watch. In this way, the watch can display up to 4 data fields while you run.

On a different setting option, you can set Pace to be average pace or instantaneous pace (default). This setting is absolute, you cannot have 2 pace data fields, one for average and another one for instantaneous.

Having set the two display screens already, including (now average) pace, you have the option to include instantaneous pace as well.

Just turn on Virtual Pace. This feature takes a pace given and informs you if you are ahead or behind it.

Now, as you run, you can scroll thru these screens with the Virtual Pace screen now displaying a fifth data field.