A Brooksville Runaround

In the spirit of my previous runaround post, I decided to do the same for my latest long run.

This time I ran in Brooksville, FL instead.  The combination of week 7 of training plan (Disney here I come!), the kid’s school camping trip and the opportunity to run in a new place warranted this post. 

Call me weird, planning the run was half the fun.  Between Google Maps and Garmin Connect, I was able to plot a route around our camping site that lined up with planned run.

The only thing I did not plan was the expected humidity. According to NOAA’s site, average humidity was 69.  That is a lot of water in the air.  Thankfully, it was cold enough that it was not a bother.  Accordingly, however, my printed route paper was completely wet 2 minutes after I took it out of pack!


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