CFBI 4th Meeting Turnout

Last night’s meeting was a cozy but a good one.

Will Gorman from Pentaho graciously presented on Pentaho’s OLAP Solution (Mondrian) and I presented on MicroStrategy’s equivalent (Intelligent Cubes).

Another worthy note is that we had a announcements for job postings…

Companies present at meet (and recruiters) were looking for one of each:
– Informatica Developer
– MicroStrategy Developer
– Senior BI Developer
– Junior QA/Java Developer

It seems to be a great time to be working in IT in good O-Town. If you want to find out about our next meetings, jpb opportunities and networking, check us out at our CFBI Page and become a member.

Central Florida Business Intelligence (CFBI) – Fourth Meeting

Great news! We have two presentations scheduled for our upcoming Monday meet:
1. Pentaho – OLAP / ‘Mondrian’
2. MicroStrategy OLAP / ‘Intelligent Cubes’ Reporting

I’m pretty excited to present on MicroStrategy along with Will Gorman on Pentaho’s side. This cannot be anything but very exciting, see you there.

We will host our fourth meeting at DeVry University July 18th, 7-9 p.m.  (across from the Millenia Mall)

Location Address:
4000 Millenia Boulevard
Orlando, FL 32839
407 355 3131

For updated information, go to the CFBI page at linkedIn.

Central Florida Business Intelligence (CFBI) – Second Meeting

Yup, we got a decent name now.  Pretty soon, we’ll have a logo and all.

We plant to have our second meeting at DeVry University May 19th, 7-9 p.m.  (across from the Millenia Mall)

Location Address:
4000 Millenia Boulevard
Orlando, FL 32839
407 355 3131

Announcements and introductions.
Hadoop Talk by Jordan Ganoff.

For updated information, go to the CFBI page at linkedIn.

Hope to see you there.

Orlando BI Meet – Update

Short report on our first meeting.

Turnout was about 16 people. Pentaho graciously provided a location, food and drinks. Ideas flowed for a few hours. We have a list of topics of interest, are seeking presenters and sponsors and intend to meet on a monthly basis for all sorts of fun.

We decided to join forces and create the Central Florida Business Intelligence (CFBI) Group. We will be keeping all electronic communication at LinkedIn so please join if you are not a member yet. Its free of course.

I will keep this list open for a bit hoping to guide people there until traffic here dies down at which point I’ll close it.

Thanks for all who showed up and shared your time; hope to see you next time!

Orlando BI Meet April 18, 6PM at Pentaho HQ (Orlando)

I am pleased to announce that a few of us will be having our first Business Intelligence Meet in Orlando on April 18th.

We plan on meeting at Pentaho Headquarters Monday, April 18th at 6PM.

It will be an informal, meet and greet, in the hopes of getting a local BI community going.  Doing Analytics,BI and related nowadays, I’ve struggled a bit finding peers in Orlando to share information with.  Hopefully, there is a silent majority of BI people in Orlando wanting to meet.  Neat stuff.

Meeting Details
Date: Monday, April 18th
Time: 6:00 P.M.
Pentaho Corporate Office
Citadel International, Suite 340
5950 Hazeltine National Dr.Orlando, FL 32822, USA

Pentaho User Group – Orlando at LinkedIn

Orlando BI Google Group (think email list)

Feel free to make contact on either one; hope to see you there!

No Fluff Just Stuff – Orlando

Has just posted their schedule for their Orlando stop.

I was fortunate enough to have gone to this conference a few years ago. Always the skeptic, I was surprised by the sessions I attended and the wonderful speakers they had lined up for the event. Some, like Bruce Tate, made a big difference in my view of our craft.

Anyways, the conference seems to have grown quite a bit and prices seem reasonable. Maybe this is the one conference I go to this year…

360|Flex Europe

Another reason why these are the best conferences ever!  The guys at 360 Conferences, having met their financial needs for their Europe event have just slashed the price (9 days before the show).  For more info, go to the 360|Flex Europe Site.

Amazing, not only are they lowering the price, they are both refunding same amount to all registered AND making the first day of conference FREE for anyone to attend.

Way to go guys!

Barcamp Orlando

I was reading up on my friend Adam’s blog and noticed that Barcamp Orlando is coming up. This is the second year for Orlando that I know off and many people talked about event for a bit afterwards. I wussed out of event and, originally thought, that I would not be able to make this one either. Luckily, my lovely wife says beginning of April is safe (we are expecting our second child beginning of May.
This puts a nice twist on events; I have no excuse now. Hopefully, I am going to be able to persuade perhaps a colleage or two to make it. So far I expect a few persons I know to go…

Here’s a link for more information. I am both intrigued and interested in event.


acts_as_conference – Day Two

Saturday morning got off to a good start with a talk on Netbeans from the guys at Sun. Being an Eclipse user for most of my work, it was refreshing to see how polished a product NetBeans is.

They demoed a lot of features for the rails community and contrasted them against TextMate which I believe sets the standard. I checked out NetBeans at home later and will definitely do some of the tutorials they have online.

In my opinion, the most impressive talk of the second day was on JRuby. JRuby answers most of the concerns management has at my work of using rails for any significant development. I hope it really helsp make the case for both the language and the framework.

Another good talk was given by Charles Brian Quinn of Big Nerd Ranch fame.

During the past few weeks at work, we’ve been debating training options for our development team and I have repeatedly put Big Nerd Ranch on the list for both Python and Cocoa. While we do not work in neither of these languages, I believe our team can strengthen their skills playing outside our regular playing field. This is something we rarely do and I think hurts us as a team. Its like developing in a vacuum and missing out of most out of our area of expertise. Nothing has come out of this yet thou.

Charles gave an insightful talk mostly from the trainers perspective. His lessons were worth noting for most developers who ever had to teach or train on some skill-set.

The closing keynote was given by Obie Fernandez mostly on developers honing their craft. It was a very encouraging talk and it was well received by the audience. Great job.  It reminded me of the book The Pragmatic Programmer a few times.

Overall, acts was a great conference put by Atlantic Dominion Solutions; I had fun and enjoyed all the talks I went to. I’ll be staying up to date with the rails community in Orlando… They have a very active user group (ORUG) and there is some overlap with our local Adobe group (Adogo).