Dave Ramsey’s Entreleadership One Day Event

Dave Ramsey’s mission is to get people out of debt.  He hosts a popular radio show, offers classes nationwide and sticks to biblically backed lessons in every endeavor that his organization does.  Classy setup all around.  If you tried to boil down his ‘philosophy’ it would succinctly be ‘No Debt’.  Simple enough and we all know this but clearly its not what we know but what we do that matters.

He ‘made’ me sell my custom ordered fancy sporty car back in 2006 and I have been a, sometimes reluctant, fan ever since.  Upside is that my family is debt free minus the house and we can clearly see the day when we are not even encumbered by that.  I’ll like to rephrase that: Not a care in the world!

Thanks Dave; if you ever setup shop in Orlando, let me know!

Anyways,  just google Dave Ramsey if the above sounds appealing; he is 10x more eloquent that me.  One of the events Dave goes on tour for is Entreleadership.  This event’s focus is guiding the entrepreneurs among us motivating them to stand up and be good leaders at their venture.

Having seen Dave a few times, I think this is one delivers one of his strongest messages to his audience.  I was fortunate enough to volunteer for his Orlando visit this time, got to sell some books and talk to people all day.  I also witnessed a little bit of behind the scenes action for his organization.  Happy to say that Dave’s Team is running a class act and doing the right thing at every chance. Way to go!  I had a great time with the other volunteers who were all great and committed and shared Dave’s mission.

For the two that have read all the way here, I highly recommend assisting this, or any other of his events as a volunteer or audience member.  As a volunteer, I got the chance to see Dave a bit but not enough to write down notes as I would’ve had I sat thru the whole thing BUT… I remembered I should have my notes from when I did assist the event.

As a note to self, and my two readers (hey there!), here is a brain-dump from November, 2010.  These are notes to self so it’s a-ok if they do not make sense to you.  Got it? Good.

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