Using Threshold Analysis To Discover Emerging Crime Trends In Orlando

Do police departments across the US (the world?) have the bandwidth to pour over crime reports in order to spot trends and mitigate crimes using all the available information?  Given the ever increasing amount of data, now the norm, it will be increasingly difficult to make the best use of this data.  As it applies to Crime, being able to effectively utilize this data should improve the quality of life of everyone.

Crime Dashboard


For week 40, commercial burglaries on sector 2 have increased from an expected count of 7.89 to an actual count of 16.  This is almost 2 1/2 times the expected volume.  (Click image to try analysis or here for image)

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Data Mining Orange County (Orlando Area) Crime

Lets look at recent crime in Orlando and adjacent cities.  What can we find out by exploring Orlando’s crime data?  Is the Central Florida area a relatively safe place?  Can we tell from 90 day’s worth of day?  Are some areas safer than others?  Do we have any false ideas about places in Orlando?

At the very least, lets attempt to get a better understanding of the crime issue which affects us everywhere.

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An Orlando Runaround

For runners… 

You may know about the site DC Rainmaker, what I think to be one of the best run/swim/bike blogs that I know.  I find Ray Maker’s Run-Around-The-Neighborhood posts very entertaining.  As of this writing, his latest is A London Runaround.  Go check it out, he is very enthusiastic and you can’t help but enjoy his runs. 

Paying homage to these, I decided to find out if these are as fun to do as they look!

May in Orlando means we try to schedule our runs early in the morning or late in the evening.  This morning before work, I decided to head out for a morning run. 

Sidenote – If you’re in Orlando for business, this run is close to the airport.

I start my run imagining I am cruising down Beverly Hills.


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